Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Catching Up - Liberty Challenge, 6/21/14, 3rd Race (Co-ed) from the John J. Harvey

It poured tonight, so I decided to do a little of that catching-up - I went back to my June 21st pictures, and decided to do a Flickr album of the 3rd race of the Outrigger Challenge.
Click here to visit the album.  PS - bored? you can play "spot da huli" over there - I didn't actually notice it when we were out there but there's one upside-down outrigger in one of my pictures. Oops!

It was a total lucky break that I got these - I had gotten up early to go watch the women's race, and then my friend Harry was meeting me at the Historic Ships Festival one pier south of the outrigger festivities; my plan had been to get my dose of Hawaiiana first, but Harry wanted to go for a ride on the fireboat John J. Harvey, and by sheer coincidence, the trip I picked just happened to run us right into the 3rd and final of the 3 Liberty Challenge races, the co-ed teams, just as they were passing the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island areas.

This race is the shorter of the 3 - the men's and women's races are both 15 miles, down around the Battery, up to the Manhattan Bridge, back south down around Governor's Island, over to the Statue of Liberty, up the Hudson to Pier 66 in Chelsea (the festivities used to be held there and I guess there was no reason to change the course when they moved to Pier 26) and then back down to Pier 26. The co-ed race cuts the loop up under the bridges, it's just down around Gov's I and back, bringing it down to 11 miles.  Couldn't have timed it better if I'd tried, and of course I went into full pa(ddle)parazzi mode. Got some decent shots, I think, it was really something to see. Hope you enjoy!

Visit the Liberty Challenge website at Libertyoutrigger.org for more info, and don't miss the video piece that the NY Times produced about preparing for the race with New York Outrigger, hosts of the event (with financial support from Hawaiian Airlines and others), click here for that.

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