Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Karen riding

I've actually been NOT posting this week to keep the City of Water day info up on top, but I haven't done much drawing since it got warm enough to spend time outside and since I got a whim to pick up the sketchbook last night and since it works well as a Throwback Thursday post, here's my sister riding at Camp Smith on Oahu. January 1975, according to my mom's notes on the back of the picture.

I actually started out trying to draw these brants, but somehow it wasn't working. Bowsprite says nothing is a mistake but I tried and tried and tried just wasn't getting 'em. Then I drew a horse face which came out kind of cute and so I decided to give the brants a break and do a quick sketch of my sister riding instead - that worked a little better.
So there's my Throwback Thursday post. Now back to looking forward - don't forget City of Water Day on Saturday the 12th - good wet fun all over the city, woohoo! 


clairesgarden said...

I love the pony sketch! she looks like she was having fun there too.

bonnie said...

Thanks! We both took lessons, she got to be a pretty darned good rider, eventually competing in jumping classes (hunter jumper, I think it was, not show jumping); I was always a little more timid but I think there was at least one dressage class where things went decently. I miss riding!