Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yonkers Yarn Bombing!

I was glad to have a reason to get up to Yonkers tonight - my fabric-maven friend Pat has been involved in a couple of yarn bombings and it was fun to get up there to see them. Click for slideshow view. 


Rob K said...

This is so cool, Bonnie. So "yarn bombing" is where you wrap yarn over things in public places?

Do you yarn bomb people, too??!?


bonnie said...

I don't do anything with yarn, but my friends who do...yes, I would say that they yarn bomb people too. Cultivating friendships with knitters increases the chance of being a yarn-bombing target.

Pat had put out a call for people to go help install the yarn bombing last weekend - if I hadn't been teaching at Sebago I would've been seriously tempted to go, the actual knitting had already been done and helping put the fish up sounded like fun!

angela berardino said...

Very original-at leastt to me-never saw this. Very cool!