Sunday, November 27, 2016

Escape Part 2 - Sebago to Gerritsen Creek, 11/26/16

Friday was pretty low-key as our Escapes from Black Friday go - TQ had things to do around the house so I just went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for a couple of hours. I've been much less of a regular visitor there since they suspended their science program in 2013 (I do wonder how they are doing on making progress on their promise to restore it, the article I linked to was pretty much the last thing I heard on it), but the southern end that had been under construction for a while opened this year and friends from Sebago said it was worth a visit. I was originally planning to go for another walk around Prospect Park but I've done that a few times recently and the amount of time I had was good for a visit to the garden, and it was pleasant. Weather was nice in the morning but turned gray and drizzly just about the time I went out, but I was glad to get out for at least a little while.

My more serious outdoor fun for Thanksgiving weekend had been planned for about a week, when I went out for dinner with clubmate Ilene, who was looking for people to paddle with on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I was up for that and TQ was too, and we were joined by another "regular suspect" clubmate, Margrethe, and then it was a lovely surprise to get to the club and find Dave and Ollie, old friends from my Pier 63 days, getting ready to paddle. It was a total coincidence that they were there, but we consolidated our groups and had a lovely paddle out to Gerritsen Beach and back. It's a 12 mile round trip and there was a pretty serious NW wind (forecast said 11 to 15 gusting to 20 and I'd say that's about exactly what it was, only not so much at the 11 end of things) so it was a headwind all the way home once we turned the corner going into the bay, bit of a slog but I'm still so out of shape, I need to do more challenging paddles like this more. We set out under clouds, stopped for snacks at Gerritsen Beach, where the sun came out and the day turned absolutely glorious.

There's a 2 hour paddle and leftover potluck at the club today -- I'm skipping the paddle today, I feel like yesterday was enough to tide me over for a day or two (OK, plus I'm just not ready to pack up and put on all the gear AGAIN, this weekend's weather and water temperatures call for full winter gear, sigh).

A few pictures from yesterday's paddle - it was a fast group so I didn't take as as many as I sometimes do, but it got so pretty I had to stop for a few!

As usual, click on any photo for a slideshow view.


Rob K said...

Wow, these are fabulous photos. I can't imagine doing something like this!

bonnie said...

And all without leaving Brooklyn, that's why I love paddling so much. Come out to the Sebago Canoe Club if you'd ever like to try it out! Open paddles are done for the season, this time of year requires a lot of extra gear, but we'll start those again after Memorial Day.

Diane Tolley said...

I've done lots of canoeing, but never kayaking. It looks like such fun!

Haralee Sleepwear said...

Looks like fun. It gives me a chill just thinking of the cold water. What a fun way to work off Thanksgiving treats!

clairesgarden said...

looks amazing x

bonnie said...

Thanks all. It's great! Makes city life so much nicer when you can escape to the water with your friends every now & then.