Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Post Election Post. Just This One.

Just gonna copy in something I put up on FB today. I know I don't do politics much anymore (I did that more when I started, that was sort of what the circle of bloggers I started with did, but gradually as there got to be more boating blogs and I got more comfortable with my outdoor-fun-in-NYC niche I did less and less, to where people probably read the "occasional political rants" part of my description and go "Huh?") but I'm going to revert, just for the we go...

note a little later: So here I am trying to keep my chin up, and then I read this

I'm not very good at these political posts, but I have so much concern and sadness right now that I thought it might help me to get things off my chest a little bit.

Still absorbing the blow today. I'm not joining in on the I'm-running-away-to-Canada theme, though - this is the situation our country's system has landed us in (thank you electoral college) and now I think the best thing democratic and independent voters can do is stick around and, as Hillary said in her very gracious and brave acceptance speech, keep working to make our voices heard, and fight for what's right. I know this is easy for me to say, as one who has two out of three characteristics of the Trump Trifecta (straight? check. white? check. male? nope.) I will most likely not be feeling the sharpest edges of the new administration's changes (assuming they actually follow through on the promises/threats of the campaign), but I hope that I am ready to have people's backs when they need me.

Regarding the comment about "assuming they..." - I slept fitfully last night, waking up at 2:30 am, and turned on NPR just in time to hear the news that Hillary had conceded (like the true professional she is) and to listen to Trump's acceptance speech. I was actually surprised by how conciliatory his tone was. I can't say pleasantly surprised because I don't believe the man can be trusted to do anything EXCEPT say whatever will get him the most applause - but if I'm right on that, maybe now instead of just playing to the angry white voters that won him this election, he'll change his tune and start playing to ALL OF US. He changed so many of his stances to win this election, his supporters shouldn't be too surprised if he changes again. A sliver of hope for the rest of us. Maybe.

A Pollyanna hope if ever there was one, and I'm not holding my breath for any magical about-face from the guy, but whatever happens, I'm ready to face it. This is our collective mess, I think that our responsibility now as citizens is to try to help clean it up, especially if it all blows up as badly as people fear. The Supreme Court situation is frightening, but at least 2018 is not that far away with an opportunity for at least a partial reset if things aren't working out as gloriously as they're supposed to. And in the meantime, an actual majority can make a lot of noise if we all shout at the same time. Hope we can do it.

Next post - back to the Erie Canal, where our first stop was Seneca Falls, which is why I had this photo that I was so happy to be able to post yesterday. Very important city in the history of women's rights, and I enjoyed visiting. Wish we'd had a little more time to spend there. 

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