Monday, February 19, 2007

Boathouse Meeting #2

In case anyone's interested, there'll be another meeting of the Community Board 1, Pier 26 working group on Wed. Feb. 21, at 49-51 Chambers Street, 6:00 PM, 7th floor. This has been being circulated on the local kayak listserve & Downtown Boathouse volunteer group - figured I'd post here, too.

There's a security check in the lobby - no pocketknives that you care to keep, and do bring a picture I.D.

The working group is made up of a group of interested & active people from the Hudson River Park paddling scene. This isn't a meeting for the public to make speeches, but the public is definitely welcome to come follow along with the progress of the boathouse. I believe that this time there will be a better set of plans available for the group to review - based on that, they'll put together some recommendations for the Trust & if all goes well, this will lead to a boathouse which is both less expensive and more functional.

Still doesn't solve the potential interim storage problem I tried to outline in that "Storage by the numbers" post - but a solution to THAT problem - if it actually happens - doesn't have to be fancy at all. Shipping containers make pretty good kayak storage - here's an example at Sebago: Actually there are already some shipping containers being used to store private boats at Pier 40 in the Hudson River Park. It was just a lot more convenient to take a picture of the ones at Sebago.

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