Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Suggested Motto Revision for Google.

Has anyone noticed that half the pictures on this blog now don't appear half the time? Or when they do, do so veeeeeerrrrrrrry slowly?

Here's what's changed: Sometime last week I was finally forced over into the faaaaabulous new Google version. They were very polite about it for a long time - oh, look, lovely templates, new this, new that, come on, give it a try - well, my simple blogging needs being fairly well served by Old Blogger, I remained unmoved by Google's blandishments & stuck with what I knew.

Last week, though, Google's patience came to an end & I was forced to open a Google account & transfer my blog.

Haven't been thrilled. I haven't had any real problems, just minor annoyances, and it's sort of silly to kvetch about a free product, but as I said to Happysurfer (who got forced over about the same time), it seems it seems like they took something that was generally fairly OK, with occasional glitches, & turned it into something that's generally fairly glitchy, but occasionally OK.

I'm sure it will get better. I was once involved in the development of a banking website, I did a lot of test coordination & tracking, so I do have an idea of how these things work, and I do expect the hiccups will improve. Just wish that they'd maybe put a little more time into debugging before they smacked us reluctant ones into the new version.

Isn't Google's motto "Don't be evil"?

Well, here's an idea - how about the less-grand goal of "Don't be annoying"?

Actually if it was just Blogger, I probably wouldn't be whining. The additional factor is BrooklynKayak has some new pool videos - Adele was the cinematographer/director/producer, and Stevie's posting them. I thought I might put a couple up here just for kicks. And I liked the way Google Video works, and since the switch to Blogger required joining Google, I thought "Cool, I will give that a try".

Can't get Google Video to work right, either. Thhhbbbt.

Well, something with the scope of Google is sort of like New York City, I guess - somewhere, sometime, I've heard the comment "It'll be a great city, if they ever finish building it".

If you're curious, the videos are over here. BTW please be nice commentwise* - this was my first serious rolling practice my rolling since November or so (I kept rolling through January, but 3 rolls onside, 3 rolls off does not a practice session make!), and I'm particularly less confident on the forward finish stuff (it's getting better, but there's SO much room for improvement!).

*unless you are Cheri or Turner, in which case, oh, go ahead...

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