Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cold Day on Coney Island Part II

More from Coney Island (so I can post & write an article I promised to write all at the same time!):

People being amazed at the New York Aquarium.

Sea Lion

One of the new residents of the reef tank that used to be the dolphin tank. Now I'm no PETA member, but I think that this is a FAR better use for this tank - as I mentioned on Friday, it just didn't look big enough for dolphins. Watching these guys "fly" around while the sunlight filters through the water - lovely. Lots of other fish in this tank, too.

Here's a view looking down the length of that tank. They really have made a nice exhibit out of it.

Walrus coming in...

to check me out!

It's funny, it's a little hard to tell with the sea lions and fur seals whether their swoops that take them sweeping by inches away from awestruck childrens' noses are intentional (although in the picture of the people looking at the sea lion above, that sea lion is just HANGING there in a way that strongly suggests that the looking is indeed going both ways), or just part of the loops they swim in their tank - but this walrus is very clearly very interested in the human beings that are looking in the window - she'd swim up to a person and pause to take a good close look. It may have been my imagination, but it seemed like when I'd been standing there for a while, she started swimming past me more often & taking longer looks.

Ah, there's the exit - time to go walk on the boardwalk.

Astroland, in the winter. If I was a better blogger, I would have a sound clip here - there's this unique sound that a seaside amusement park makes in the winter, a steady tone as the wind sings through guywires, stays, and girders - very lonesome sound.

Seagulls settle in for a cold night. That's the Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge in the background - that marks the entrance to Jamaica Bay.

Photograph of a photographer photographing an outbound container ship.

Out at the end of the fishing pier, looking back at the Parachute Jump. It's pretty cold - you can tell because there are only 2 fisherman. I've only been here once when there were none, and it was bitterly cold.

Ice on jetty.

A flock of brants seeking a sheltered spot behind the jetty

Most adorable little sandpipers - not positive but a little looking has me wanting to call them semipalmated sandpipers, if any birders stumble across this, I'd love a positive ID. Only thing I'm positive about is that they are cuter than all get-out.

End of a very nice day.

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