Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Method to the Madness...

So although I couldn't resist claiming that Stevie going fishing at the Greenwich YMCA was a symptom of some baaaaad cabin fever, his apparent irrationality was actually quite purposeful. As a fisherman, and a Greenland-style paddling enthusiast, been working on on a site for kayak fishermen (and women) who, like himself, don't necessarily agree with the conventional wisdom that says that the main characteristic of the ideal fishing kayak is that it should display all the

nimble responsiveness of



these! :D :

On Sunday, he was playing around with some videos demonstrating rolls you can do without dropping your gear. The cool thing about that is that guess what - that's EXACTLY what most of those rolls were developed in the first place. Silly though it may look - I think I may see some true historical homage here:

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