Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Throwaway post...

Off to teach now. Problem with all this waterfront politics stuff is that at the same time as that's been going on, and I've been feeling duty-bound to say stuff about it (oh, and actually I'm kind of jazzed about the whole business with the design task force, it is SO refreshing to have Julie Nadel at CB1 really saying "Whoa, slow down, let's take a look at this" and I'm hoping that this may actually affect how the Trust looks at boathouses in the future, too...more on that before too long, sorry non-locals, access is important and a blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do), I've also been having some very productive pool sessions, and I'm psyched about the how-to-pick-a-paddle presentation I'm doing for Sebago at the Long Island Paddlesports Symposium, and I think I'm also lined up to teach at the Hudson Valley Kayak Symposium and on top of that...glory to Cod, thanks to the whole crazy barge shutdown insanity I am actually looking at the first year since I left Manhattan Kayak Company (early 2002) that my teaching season doesn't end in May. Thank you, Sebago, for making that possible.

Of course the sad part is that the hours in the day remain 24, and the days in the week remain 7, and something has to give way for me to pursue teaching. Yesterday I emailed the builder/owner of the Adirondack - primarily to ask him to verify some of the entertaining creation myths that I've heard floating around the boat (like she was built from leftovers from the America replica that the Scaranos built. That's a nice one except that when I started checking my facts (I'm writing something for something) I realized that the Adirondack predates the America by a year. Wrote the builder to sort out the truth from the yarns, and at the end thanked him for a great 5 years crewing on the fastest schooner in the harbor & told him I probably wouldn't be back this year, except as a passenger (never got TQ out for a ride last summer, so at least one trip is a must in 2007).

I'll still be sailing of course. Starting with a Sunfish, then if I'm not so completely inept that the sailing committee asks me to please not darken their dinghy shed door again, maybe Lasers -

gonna miss that beautiful schooner & all the people we took out though.

OK, time to go drown my tears in teaching...

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