Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dutch Sailing Barges At Sea!

More great shots, again courtesy of Seabart. Very cool. Seabart says estimated arrival date is September 1st.

Tugster Will has been doing some research & has lots of interesting info (including the origin of the word "yawl")to add (in English, even) on Tugster.

Lekker mooi, gentlemen (I just learned that from Tugster Will, too - and if it doesn't mean "Thank you very much", would somebody please let me know pronto)! note next day - Will had said "Lekker mooi" at the end of his first email back to SeaBart & I'd guessed (wrongly, as it turns out) from the placement that it meant thank you - Jos at Racing Rules of Sailing left a correction in the comments, seems it's more an expression of admiration! Thanks!

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