Thursday, August 13, 2009

HEY! and, Last Day of Free Kayaking in Hoboken for 2009, plus an even better Waterpod article!


Like, omig...

oops, er, I mean,

Oh my GOODNESS! What a tremendously shocking discovery to surface from a couple of frenetic days at work only to discover that in the interim, some person claiming to be a technologically challenged airhead has managed to hack into mine own and only private, personal bloggy, I mean my blog! Heavens! don't suppose this could have had anything with my visit to that conveniently located Kinko's, do you, or the note that I claimed, I mean the note that was most definitely and truly on the computer, the one about the shutdown, which I ignored, la la la?

naaaaaa...couldn't be.


ANYWAYS. Back to our usual Serious Kayak Drivel. And a bit more Waterpod, too.

It has been a gruelling couple of days here at the Really Big Children's Book Company, but it's been for a very good cause - that of taking a day off tomorrow., I mean isn't that simply splendid?

Tonight, I just have 2 quick items to share. Well, maybe 3.

1. An even better article about the Waterpod - they made the front page of the NY Times Art & Design section this morning!

2. I'd meant to post this last night but I was just too tired by the time I got home. Notice is now a bit on the short side, but it's not quite too late. Here's David from the Hoboken Cove Boathouse (or at least the email he posted on NYCKayaker). Take it away, D!

Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse will host the final Summer 2009 Family Kayaking Day at the Maxwell Place Boathouse on Saturday, August 15th from 1pm – 5pm.

Hoboken Boathouse – in partnership with the City of Hoboken and Downtown Boathouse of New York City – has sponsored free kayaking in Hoboken for the past six years, serving over 4,000 paddlers. The Hoboken Boathouse is a non-profit organization supported by volunteers, boathouse space from the City of Hoboken, and borrowed kayaking equipment from the Downtown Boathouse.

Kayaking Days offer a unique opportunity for Hoboken residents and visitors to experience the city from the Hudson River. The programs are free, open to all, and require no reservations. Trained kayakers will be on-hand to provide tips for new paddlers. The boathouse is located in Maxwell Place Park near the intersection of Sinatra Drive and Maxwell Place (metered parking is available on the east side of Sinatra Drive).

For all participants planning to kayak, please be able to swim (a must), come prepared to get a little wet (bathing suit, sandals, etc) - and don't forget your sunscreen! Hoboken Boathouse will provide all necessary equipment (kayak, paddle, life jacket).

Please note that all programs are tentative based on weather and water conditions, and are subject to cancellation. For the latest information on Hoboken Boathouse programs, please email, visit our website at , join us on Facebook, , or follow us on Twitter

David Downs
Hoboken Boathouse
I can hardly believe the summer's already winding down so fast. We're actually in the middle of a time of year that was one of my LEAST favorite times of the year when I was a kid. I mean, here we are, still a couple of weeks of freedom out from the day when they swing wide the gates of the schools, and yet the poor kids can't be left to enjoy them - nooo, everywhere you look, it's reminder upon reminder upon grim reminder that it's "Back to School" time. Funny, it doesn't touch me personally any more, but I still find the advent of the Back to School selling season puts something of a damper on my mood. And now we have the first sign of the looming end of the Summer Boating Season.


This isn't quite so bad, there's still some fine boating weather, but it does remind me that I should probably be shipping my drysuit back to Kokatat for the gasket replacement & pressure testing that I have really got to have done before it starts turning cold.

Heavier sigh...

Well, now I need to cheer myself up.

Fortunately that's pretty easy - all I have to do is move on to Item 3:


I can't wait to see PONYO!

woohoo! yippee! hurray!

(jumping about like a complete lunatic, poing poing poing)

Oh, can you tell that I am just the tiniest bit fond of the films of Miyazaki-sama?


(i like kayak smilies!)

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