Saturday, August 08, 2009

On The WaterPod

Hi! Just a quick post today with a few more Waterpod pictures from City of Water Day. I'd posted this first one in my City of Boats Boats and More Boats gallery, and I'd been meaning to get back to it. I'd heard about this eco/artistic endeavour, didn't know what to expect, and ended up being rather taken by the whole project.

View of the WaterPod -

Another view. The idea behind the Waterpod is that the artists living on board are trying to be self-sustaining. Inside the uncovered geodesic dome, you can just see some white hydroponic growing arrangements. The other tall structures looked like they were intended as trellises for some squash or cucumber type vines (good choice for self sufficiency if my little trellis of cukes is any indication - I can't keep up with the production!).

Going aboard. Floating gardens!

Hey, it's Chard! Another good choice based on what I've got going on out at my garden at the club - the stuff is totally trouble-free, grows like crazy, tastes good & is easy to prepare. Plus it's decorative!

But OK - what really made me go "Oh, these people are lucky" was seeing their quarters. Who wouldn't want to wake up in the morning to a view like that?

Want to go see it? Right now it's moved to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, where it's docked until August 17th. For more information, check out their website at

And for an view on what it's actually like living on the barge, here's an interesting short article in the NY Daily News. The link was sent around with the post-event wrapup that the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance sent around. I'd been so curious about what it was like living on this experiment, but there was so much I wanted to see on Governor's Island that I didn't stop to talk to anyone. I thought the article did a good job of answering my "What's it like" question. Surprise, surprise - self-sufficiency is hard work!

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