Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Totally Cool Soho Stores Fighting Global Warming!

So, like, wow! Wait until my friends see this! Totally awesome! This is one of those bloggy things, right? I'm so glad I decided to come to this Kinky's place, I totally knew i could do this! Besides, it's like totally conveniently located in this convenient downtown location. There was a funny note by the tv thing about shutdown problems but it's not shut down, it's all set up already, they must have fixed it & forgot to throw the note away.


So, like, hi bloggy peoples! I'm Bubbles, and, like, all my friends laugh at me and call me "technologically challenged" because, like, I'm lucky if I don't send my text message about how I saw Cissie's boyfriend Taddy making out with Bambi to Cissie instead of to Mimi who's, like, really really good at how you should tell somebody something bad (um, like, Cissie, if you're reading this that's just an example, I actually did send it to Mimi that time, not you, and she said I shouldn' no wait I mean I just made the whole thing up as an example, I never realy saw taddy making out with Bambi or any of those othre girls either, k? :) ) and I never went on Twitbook or MyFace or any of those things forget why but I just didn't.

But anyways, I came to this conveniently located Kinky's place today because I figured something out that is like SO TOTALLY AWESOME than I HAD to tell everybody about it and everybody always says those Tweety things are really easy and everybody reads them so I was going to try to set myself up and be a Tweety Bird. And so I walk in here and I don't know how they knew I wanted to tell everybody something but here's this computer with this bloggy thingy already. And I know Twitster is like way more 2009 and blogster is like sooooo 2007 but they must think I should use Blogster for this or they would have twister set up for me first.

So like here's the REALLY IMPORTANT THING I figured out today when I was shopping in Soho. And ohmigod it is sooooo kewl.

So like you know that silly Global Warming thing that all those silly scientists and people are always trying to figure out how to stop before we all have to get snorkels to go in the subway? Well, like, if your apartment is too hot, what do you do? Sell your awesome Hummer? No, silly, you turn on the air conditioning, right? And then it gets cool, right?
So you always see these people on tv going on about how we need to stop doing this and reduce that and carbon footprint blah blah blah, right? Why they are so silly and don't get that like all we need to do is just air condition?

Now I bet you are reading that and going "Wow, Bubbles, no wonder all your friends call you Bubbles the Technologically Challenged Bimbo - that wouldn't work, there's no air conditioners that big",

and if you did I would go "well DUH, of course not, I may not be a smarty-pants bloggy person like YOU are, mister smarty pants bloggy person (or mrs or miss or ms, whatevverrrrr) but even I know THAT - but ha, ha, guess what, if you took a bunch of LITTLE air conditioners and put them all together then it would be just like one great big one and then wow, no more glabol warming!"
And you know what, the coolest thing about what I figured out today was that I saw that, like, while all the scientists and eco snobs and stuffy hippies on tv are all acting like they are so smart and we all have to listen to them and give up stuff we like like hummers and tanning salons or the whole world is going to be like one big boiled egg,
all the cool people who run the cool stores in Soho figured out what we really can do right now to fix global warming -- and they are like totally teaming up and DOING it even if it means that there electric bills are really bad. And this was just in, like, 2 blocks on Broadway.
and if everybody else would do the same thing with their air conditioners then maybe the polar bears can have their ice shelves for their books and china and stuff and and the walruses can has their bukkits and you will never have to use a snorkel to go on the subway.
And they aren't even being all "hey look we're totally fixing global warming with our air conditioners", they are just acting like they are just selling clothes and shoes and stuff just like normal. That's so cool everybody should just go shopping right now ok?

Just make sure you pick the stores with the MOST cold air coming out the door, they're the ones who really care!

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