Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nathan's on the Boardwalk - Alive & Well, Oddly Enough.

Last September, people were lined up like there was never going to be another Nathan's on the Boardwalk hot dog ever (guy in the blue shirt is the end of the line!) -

Waiting For Nathan's Hot Dogs

Then in December, there was this:

Really felt like the end of Coney Island as it had been.

But then it was hot & sticky today, I wasn't feeling great, didn't feel like shlepping all the way out to the club, but home wasn't very nice - decided to go out to Coney Island & see if I could spot signs of Bill. And lo and behold, there's Nathan's & Cha Cha's & all the other stands, same as always -


In fact I haven't been keeping abreast of the Coney Island redevelopment developments, but aside from Astroland being gone it doesn't look there's been a lot of change. odd!

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