Tuesday, August 11, 2009

J-Bay Oysters "R" In The News

Hiya! Well, not too bad a day at work today, phew, I'm out at a decent hour, needed to run a couple of errands & have just stopped by this conveniently located Kinko's Fedex outlet downtown to look up the street address of a store.

While I was en route, I read a fascinating article in the New York Times about oysters being planted off of Floyd Bennett Field. These J-Bay oysters "R" definitely the bivalve du jour, they were featured on NPR this morning too. Just thought I'd pop up a post before I hele on, not sure I'll have time for one in the next couple of days.

Here are the links to:

The article in the CityRoom blog,

and here's the snippet from
the WNYC morning news, and it looks like there was a piece about oysters on the Leonard Lopate show back in March. I shall have to listen to that when I am no longer at a conveniently located Kinko's Fedex.

Now in closing, I will mention that there was an odd note on the keyboard about this terminal having some severe shutdown issues, but ah well, I have chosen to blithely ignore it. La la la. Personal website, public place, what could possibly go wrong?

OK, blog at you later, oh, like late, late tomorrow night or possibly Thursday, certainly no sooner than that, off to run my errands now!

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