Saturday, December 18, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Hawaiian Style!

Another blast from the past - thanks to Joe again!

Funny thing was that I was singing this song to a friend as we were looking at the NYC holiday windows yesterday. Couldn't remember past 5 Big Fat Pigs (which, by the way, is more properly sung with 2 pig snorts after the Pigs, thusly: "Fiiiive Big Fat Piiiigs, snort snort") - came home & there was the whole thing on Facebook. Awesome.


Pandabonium said...

That brings back memories of a late 60's LP of a Hawaiian Christmas. There was a Hawaiian Scrooge who in the end decided to stop being selfish and "spread 'em around", and a Hawaiian Night Before Christmas. Wish I could remember the artists. One was famous for his character "Senator Kau-kau Manua".

Anyway, good fun! Happy holidays.

Carol Anne said...

... and a myna bird in a papaya tree! Love it!

Anonymous said...

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Thank you and Happy Holidays!


bonnie said...

Thanks, Charles, I was so excited to share this little blast from the path. My boyfriend asked me if this was something people actually sang in Hawaii & I was happy to tell him yes, it absolutely positively is.

Thanks for your interest in ad space but this really is a purely-for-fun endeavor - not interested in starting to take ads.