Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

The view from Brooklyn, NY, from somewhere around 1:45 AM to 3:30 AM:

asking things of my little Pentax that it was never intended to do - still, gives some idea of the wonderful show tonight in NYC. I'd gone to sleep already but I woke up right around the time it started & after that I had to watch.


my2fish said...

bonnie - nice! at least you could see it. I set my alarm and woke up at 3am to watch, but could see nothing but a cloudy sky.

maybe next time? :-)


Buck said...

Nice job! I was clouded out up here in Schenectady.

bonnie said...

I saw on Facebook that I had a few friends up watching too, and not having anything near as clear a view as we got in NYC. I feel very lucky. I'm also lucky that my apartment faces in the direction it does - I put on a bathrobe & that was the entire extent of my bundling-up for the viewing!

pia said...

Oh they're beautiful!!!!
First time I slept through the night in I don't know how long!!!!

Baydog said...

There's no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact it's all dark.

O Docker said...

No way!

I thought they did eclipse photos in the same studio where they shot the moon landings.

I had no idea.

bonnie said...


JP said...

Very nice pics!

I did have a look first thing in the morning of the day but the sky was grey cloud in all directions so no hope.

Don said...

The correlation between clouds and eclipses should give astrology fans encouragement that heavenly alignments can affect things here on earth.

Overcast here!