Monday, December 27, 2010

Morning Commute (Ha Ha)

No trains this morning. No surprise, I figured I'd try to get to work but I didn't have very high expectations. It's turning into a beautiful, if cold, day out there but we get as much snow as we did last night, it does play havoc with all of the outdoor sections of the subway. I'll try again in a couple of hours. In the meantime, what a strange & quiet morning to be out & about & of course I couldn't resist pictures - there were very few cars even trying it, and with the sidewalks all being knee-deep the pedestrians took over the avenue. All very quiet with no cars or subways, just the wind in the trees & the scrape scrape scrape of show shovels.


JP said...

Looks very familiar - good luck!

Carol Anne said...

I especially love the picture of the coin-operated kiddie horse.

Yeah, it's a strange and beautiful feeling when all of the noisy, busy stuff has to shut down.

O Docker said...

Thanks for stirring some old memories that I'm kinda glad are just old memories now.

One of the great epiphanies of my youth was how two feet of snow could transform a neighborhood you thought you knew into an entirely different place. Another was how easily some of the machines we rely on (like cars and trains and bicycles) can be rendered useless by a few shrugs of nature.

It helps to keep that last lesson in mind when we become sailors.

bonnie said...

So true, O. Sailors, or paddlers, or hikers, or any sort of -er in which a person intentionally puts themselves outside of the protective bubbles of buildings & vehicles in which we spend so much time.

It was interesting just how clear it was yesterday that the only sensible thing to do was hunker down where you were & enjoy the day off.

bonnie said...

and yet, so many of us did still try to get to work!