Wednesday, December 08, 2010

just one more!

In honor of my friend Luseana the Mystic Mermaid, who just spent a fabulous-sounding day at Asbury Park hangin' with The Boss!

No joke!

(note later - sorry, I didn't realize she's got her profile blocked. Maybe I can talk her into doing a guest post on her husband's blog, Summit to Shore. Basically, though, she won a contest, she and a friend got to go be in a video shoot with Bruce & the E Street Band & from the sounds of the twitter-esque postings on her wall, a rocking good time was had by all. Bruce was handing out kisses instead of autographs!


Baydog said...

A meeting across the river can be a good thing.

Baydog said...

Ask Louisiana to unblock her profile please! We want to see who spent the day with the Boss.

Anonymous said...

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Look forward to your reply.


bonnie said...

Thanks, Suzanne, but Frogma is strictly a hobby & generally an ad-free zone. I do plug things pretty regularly but that's mostly because they're things I actually like or use (or I have lifted a cute picture from their website & linking back was the right thing to do).