Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The End of the Story (honest!) plus a good laugh from a friend

One last blizzard post - things are finally getting cleared now.
Well, it's still not perfect,

but it's getting better now!

Made my last hike (at least this time, and knocking wood & crossing fingers as I type -- do you know how hard it is to type with your fingers crossed?) to the relatively distant Flatbush stop to catch the subway this morning.

Fortunately it was another pleasant day, and it's really not a bad walk at all for a halfway fit person (I've been exaggerating when I said it was a mile, it's more like 4/5ths of a mile) but I was still very glad to find out that "my" train, the Q, was back in service today!

It was being reported as up and down throughout the day. I think that if it had been running at the time I left for work, I probably would've gone to Flatbush anyways, just because when they're restarting a line after several days off it seems likely that there would be glitches. And there were - at the time I was heading for home, the Manhattan-bound trains were running on the D line due to some electrical issues (ok, there could be one last walk tomorrow, but as I mentioned my fingers are crossed), but the downtown was reported as running slowly, but still, running! running is good! So off I went to Canal Street. I was singing to myself as I left the building,

"And he never returned,
no he never returned,
and his fate is still unlearned..."

but really, things sounded good - and they were. Things were a bit slow, there were a lot of people on the platform & the first train was a bit crowded...

and the next one didn't get there for a while -

but look - it got me home! YAY!

And I'm seriously hoping that that's the end of the oddness! It all threw a few monkey wrenches into a few plans, but nothing that couldn't be rescheduled & in the final analysis, I was pretty lucky - a lot of people had a very bad time, but I can't rate my personal experience anything higher than "mildly inconvenienced".

And with that, I'm now bored with snowblogging & it's time to change the subject. Check out this video!

As a non-hip, non-young, non-wearer-of-ironic-glass-frames who nevertheless resides in Brooklyn & enjoys the ready access to artisanal street cheese one automatically obtains by doing so, the loony stream-of-Brooklyn-conciousness ramble totally cracked me up.

Thanks David!


bonnie said...

oh, well, one more blizzard link, OK? Ditmas Park Blog linked to an interesting NY Times article description of how the city prepares for a blizzard, the decisions that need to be made, how those decisions came down this time & how into the mess in which things ended up.

Sort of reminds me of a Deep Trouble kayak disaster story - it seems like those so frequently involve chains of events and/or decisions that end up piling up into something terrible, when one or two on their own wouldn't have made a difference to the trip at all.

You can read that here.

bonnie said...

all preliminary of course but an interesting first look back.

moonstruck said...

Paddle today? No wind and 50 degrees!!!
Unfortunately, the Hudson is FROZEN !!!

Dennis G

bonnie said...

Tomorrow! The club's annual Frostbite Regatta, Potluck & General Meeting have been postponed because it's still going to be tough getting a lot of people there - but a few of us winterized folks are still gonna go get some water time in.