Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Blizzard, Dec. 2010


Anonymous said...

congrads on your Lumix...I bet you got the waterproof one...I have a DSLR and Lumix are the best...Leica lens an all..

YourGardenShow said...

Funny thing: in season, the structure would almost go unnoticed based on the surrounding nature. It's a treat to see it with this perspective.

bonnie said...

It really was a treat. We were lucky, I think that they usually have the Japanese garden closed in the wintertime but possibly in honor of us oddballs what says "Hey! Terrible weather today, it's the perfect time to visit the Brooklyn Botznic Garden!" some kind member of the BBG staff had gone around and flung wide all the gates that are usually closed to the off-season visitor. Thank you BBG!