Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Consolation Prize #2

It was really cold out, but I still talked myself into a bit of a post-work walk by promising to reward myself with a stop at Wonton Garden, a noodle shop on Mott Street that's open late and sees a fair amount of me during budget season. I'd actually been crushed last year when I was all set for a bowl of their good wonton soup with thin Cantonese noodles on night after work and made my way there only to discover they were apparently closed for good, but as it turned out, they were closed for a very long renovation (yay!). I hadn't been since I discovered they'd reopened and I though I'd go tonight. I didn't make it. On crooked little Doyers Street, a little over 2 miles into what ended up being a nice little 3-mile walk, I was brutally waylaid by Tasty hand-pulled noodles Inc.

Dont'cha hate it when that happens?  
I had the house special, which is hand-pulled noodle soup with beef, oxtail, tendon, tripe, and a fried egg. I was a little scared of the tripe but I figured I could pull it out if I didn't like it, and it turned out to be pretty good. I figure this is Consolation Prize #2 for the noodle soup with soy-glazed pork belly I missed out on. I certainly felt consoled after this meal. Big-time comfort food, oh my yes. Very tasty indeed. 

I'll make it back to Wonton Garden before too long - budget season and royalty review time are both coming up fast and there will be plenty of late nights to go visit my old favorite hole-in-the-wall -- although I don't know if I can call them a hole-in-the-wall anymore, they are looking kinda spiffy since the reno! 


Tillerman said...

Have you just changed your font or font size? Or is it my eyes? This post looks cleaner and easier to read than the earlier ones.

Baydog said...

Yes, this post is most pleasing to my eyes.

bonnie said...

This IS a different font. I was thinking so myself last night. I didn't do it intentionally, what happened was that I copied a Facebook status and dropped it into the Compose view instead of the HTML view and this is how it came out. I rather like it too - have to see if I can figure out how to change my default font to whatever this is.

Also think I'm going to go back and do something about yesterday's photos - I used the caption function on those for the first time and that font is for fleas, it's so tiny.

Baydog - congratulations. You got me to try tripe. Now, by comparison, Tillerman got me to try dinghy sailing, and that's a pretty good accomplishment, but on the other hand, I think I had more of an underlying inclination to try dinghy sailing than tripe, so it's really sort of hard to say which was more of an accomplishment!

Stevie said...

I miss the neighborhood. I used to live south of Chinatown and ate at a lot of different places in the area.
I used to go with a friend who was from Taiwan and he's always ask for the Chinese language menus. He said the Chinese menus had a better selection of food and the prices were much better than the English menus. The English menus rarely had Kai Lan (Chinese Brocoli), my favorite, as well as fish balls and beef tendon.

bonnie said...

That must've been fun! I really love working in SoHo, means I can walk through Chinatown, shop in Chinatown, and eat in Chinatown really.

I actually missed the real prize on this crooked little street - Tasty hand-pulled noodles Inc. were VERY tasty, and they'll be on my list of places to go back to - but 2 doors up from them is the Nom Wah Tea House, which has been dishing up made-to-order dim sum since 1920. Wonton Garden was not meant to happen that night - if I'd actually resisted the siren song of the hand-pulled noodles, there's no way I would have made it past Nom Wah. Appropriate name -I can't look at the menu without "nom nom nom!" thoughts running through my brain.