Friday, February 22, 2013

Fish on Friday

I'd like to be
Under the sea
In a parrotfish's garden
on the reef.

Parrotfish (uhu) with Christmas wrasse - two of my favorites. It's very very cold in NYC, the weekend's forecast is totally unsuitable for recreational boating so I'm looking forward to my first pool session in 2 years (!!!). It's going to be nice to work on my rolls in warm, clear, blue water ("yoga in a boat", I like to call it), but of course thoughts of warm, clear, blue water on cold winter days gets me thinking about the very best warm blues - the ones along the shores of O'ahu! Wish I could take a holiday there - especially now that I know that changes are coming to Haleiwa. At first I was afraid that that meant that I had missed my last chance to get shave ice at Aoki's when I decided to go hike among the honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles) instead of taking a shorter walk and then going back for my treat - thank goodness, it doesn't sound like this will be the end of Aoki's, but I will miss getting my shave ice at their classic old shop.

I am so glad that I at least got this that day:
Mahalo nui loa to dear Pua for sharing the news, and for talking me through the initial shock. It's funny, I half expect one or another my favorite places in Aiea to be gone every time I visit - but Aoki's? I'd have thought that whole little stretch of Haleiwa town would be in some sort of historic preservation district, safe from the wrecker's ball.


Joe said...

Life sucks, sometimes. The last time I was back home drove down to Kealakekua and discovered, much to my dismay, that Chris' Bakery was gone. It was replaced by a frozen yogurt place! Now where the hell am I going to get malasadas and musubis on an early morning?

bonnie said...

I was actually absolutely in heaven on my first trip back after that huge gap in my life that I was gone. My folks moved to Washington State right before my junior year in HS, 1983, and then they retired there in the mid to late 90's - they'd kept the house but somehow there was never the thought of a visit, it was like the place I grew up was just gone. Going back the first time? Oh my god. Doing the rounds of the places (and foods) I loved and so many of them were still there, still the same...wonderful. I'd half expected them all to have gone to Starbucks.

I'm always prepared for one or another to be gone on the next visit, all of these individual little classics are run by individuals or families, and people get tired, the next generation doesn't always want to carry on - but still, it's so sad when it happens.

bonnie said...

OK. Enough sad. Click here for a happy.