Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Natural Beauty?

Or just another brick in the wall? Poor Baydog, just when I'm making my first excursion into eating innards at Tasty hand-pulled noodles Inc., he's having some sort of rough patch in his love affair with food - the sushi's not cutting it and the groundhog er Philly cheese steak, which seems about as close to the polar opposite of sushi as you can get, also isn't quite it. Maybe some nice dim sum?

This was actually part of my February hundred-mile victory feast, and it was as good as it looks. If you read my Tuesday night post, you know that I went for walk that would have been great if I'd started, oh, an hour or so earlier; however, that did get me within easy striking distance of another 100-mile month, and when I looked at the map and discovered that a return to crooked little Doyers Street would be about a mile and a quarter, I instantly decided that I was going to go have dinner at Nom Wah,, a classic-looking old place that I'd noticed 2 doors past the noodle shop (and therefore one very hearty bowl of hand-pulled-noodle soup too late to try).
It was the perfect foil to Monday night. It was a little on the dreary side, but it was short enough that it didn't matter, and I knew exactly where I was going, exactly how long it was going to take, and in fact, exactly what I was going to order when I got there - what could be better for a solo diner than an 8-piece dim sum sampler? That's what's shown above - I chickened out of taking a picture myself, because I was out in the middle of the room by myself and had the real camera along (one of the good bits of Monday's walk was the full moon rising next to WTC 1 and over the Winter Garden; the Winter Garden currently has an art installation of colorful lighted disks that appeared almost moon-sized, I brought the Lumix with thought that if it was clear on Tuesday night I might be able to get a picture -- it wasn't and I didn't) and it just seemed awfully conspicuous.

Thing is, it turns out I didn't need to -- what they brought me looked EXACTLY like the picture above, which I took from their website! No food stylists with the primping and the makeup - that's genuine natural beauty there! Only concession for the website was the checkered tablecloth. This would have been a fine light supper in itself; I got self-indulgent and added a roast pork bun (which if I were in Hawaii I would describe as "onolicious" or maybe even "brok' da mouth!", pretty close to my favorite manapua, and that's a good thing!) and the fried sesame balls with lotus paste. Wonderful. I'll be back. May skip dessert next time, you order everything at one go and my eyes turned out to be bigger than my stomach, and then I ate all three of the sesame balls anyways and there I was, on past perfectly comfortable to a little more stuffed than necessary.  Next time, maybe just an almond cookie for the road. I did get a jar of their chile oil on the way out as a present for TQ, he loves spicy stuff and Nom Wah's looks like it might pack a good punch!

As for Baydog - well, if all else fails, maybe a good dose of salt. Salt air and salt water. Not too long 'til Spring, right? 


Baydog said...

Yes, salt is on the menu, Bonnie! Less than two months away.

O Docker said...

Congratulations on the hundred miles, by the way.

I think one of the reasons we do silly things like that is to justify eating anything we want.

On a marginally related note, I recently learned that one of the evil things that high fructose corn syrup does is turn off the chemical in your brain that tells you you've had enough to eat, so you just keep craving more of the wretched stuff.

Bon appetite!

bonnie said...

Thanks! Yeah, at the risk of giving away my own entry in the posts with the penguins, the walking is really part of my response to stepping on a scale at some point last year and being horrified. I never used to worry about my weight but I think the metabolism just starts slowing down as you get older if you don't do anything about it.

I didn't want to go on a temporary diet, I figured that I needed to make some changes in the general lifestyle. Eat a little less, move a little more, work out a way to make it something I can just keep doing, not some drastic and difficult emergency response.

I have been eating less, but since I do love food, I think that I'll be happier if I keep the emphasis on the moving-more side of things!

bonnie said...

And Baydog - Bay Rhum made it through Sandy ok, right?

I know she was on the hard by the time Sandy came through, but I don't recall whether you'd specifically said the boat is OK, and I know a lot of boats that were out of the water ended up getting hit anyways. Hope Bay Rhum's OK and looking forward to a summer of sailing with you & your family!