Monday, February 18, 2013

How To Share Your Chowder With A Dog

1. Get some chowder

2. Eat up all the chowder by yourself.

3. Let the dog lick the empty container. The dog will be thrilled.

Note: For sharing chowder with humans or cats, you might want to look elsewhere for hints. These instructions might not work as well with species who have a less liberal definition of "share".


Baydog said...

Take it from me.....Dogs always lick the empty container. My pet also does, sometimes.

bonnie said...

It just cracks me up how you can give a dog an empty container or plate or bowl or whatever and they will be over the moon - there's no looking up at you with a "WTF? You ate all the good stuff!" expression. As far as Bella is concerned, I think we shared a chowder.

Baydog said...

Forever loyal, forever hungry, forever grateful.

O Docker said...

Our dog-owning friends call their dishwasher 'the rinse cycle'.

bonnie said...

Ha! Brilliant.