Monday, February 11, 2013

Do I Feel Lucky?

Why, yes. Yes, I do.

The storm for me: Ohhh, I better leave work early. Ohhh, I better make some elk chili. Oh, la, how lovely is my neighborhood with an aesthetically pleasing 8 inches of pretty fluffy snow.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Rhode Island:
PS - The TillerShovelman meme so far -- 'cause like the Maidenform woman, you never know where he'll turn up next!

Oh Docker started it with one of his trademarked ode-ious posts. Next, Baydog chipped in with a little fashion critique (funny with the lift tickets - during the brief period in high school that I was doing a little skiing, the fashion among my friends was to leave the lift tickets on so everyone could tell at a glance how much you'd been skiing that winter). Next, the Shovelman shows up rescuing the Expedition to the End of the World and today the esteemed blogger's memeitude continues for at least another 15 minutes!

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