Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Autumn Blues...

Well, I'm off to see a play (or maybe a happening, i dunno, there's something about an audience-participation tomato fight...) called "Limitless Joy".

If their joy is of the limitless variety, maybe they can spare some & I can pack it up to go. Hope that's the case - found out today that the schooner's going into fall schedule, which means cutting down the number of hours available, which means that the part-timers step aside & let the full-timers, who are actually trying to make a living at this gig, take the hours. I'd finally admitted it was Fall on Saturday when I had to put on a sweatshirt during the evening sail for the first time since early June or so - well, this really drives it home.

I feel like this business of covering my part of the business manager stuff, and the stress and frustration that engendered, ate an awful lot of my summer. What was left felt like an awful lot of scrambling to fit things in.

Oh well.

It would be nice to blame somebody but all there is to do is just keep slogging.

Sorry. Cranky today, aren't I?

Some of my paddling friends are talking about a paddle to Coney Island on Saturday - that could be fun, but I think that I might just give myself this weekend to not have to get anywhere by any time. The idea of a medium-long solo paddle is appealing - definitely against the BCU guidelines for smart paddling but sometimes I just have to.

Or I might just decide to be a total slug for the weekend...we'll see. Thhhbbt.

The way work's been, I've been turning into the Lone Paddler of the Night. This usually happens on days when I start the day hoping to be more of a Sociable Paddler of Sunset-to-Twilight Followed Perhaps by Cheeseburger and Beer, but then have stuff that needs to get done. OK, I do have to admit that the "so what if it's already dark, I'm GOING" attitude has resulted in some really enjoyable paddles. It's a good way to let off steam. Had a great race with the schooner last night in fact - yes, an 80-foot schooner may move faster than a kayak when they have a nice breeze, but the handicapping was such that it evened things out - see, a kayak can go straight into the wind, a schooner can't, so they had to follow a zigzag path which really made 'em into a perfect rabbit for me. That was fun.

'Nuff whining - time to go check out the Limitless Joy!

BTW I think I may use my unexpected free time this weekend to get back to that chain of thought about Hanauma Bay. I was going somewhere with that - then all this other stuff happened, but I didn't forget!

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