Saturday, September 24, 2005


well, I was so excited that we were getting a new biz manager - now it's back up in the air again. Too depressing to talk about. Fingers crossed, though.

About my Bring it On post on intelligent design - which is being challenged in court in a suit filed by some parents who would prefer that ID not be mentioned in their children's high-school science classes, I'll be watching that case with interest - well, that was really quite cool. I was sort of expecting to get instantly lambasted for saying what I did, but that didn't happen - on the contrary, there were a number of really interesting, well written comments, all in agreement with me but each offering a slightly different take on the matter. Really interesting, lots to think about. I really felt compelled to say something because I'm really amazed that this thing has gotten as far as it is & I felt like even if it doesn't make a big difference, if I even give a FEW people something to think about, that's all I could ask for. I evidently got somebody else thinking the same way - I loved this post - he gives a really good explanation about what "theory" means in the language of science - the ID people are really taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people imagine that "theory" is the same as "guess" - which it definitely is not in scientific terms.

Sailing all day tomorrow - the builder decided that the Adirondack is OK to finish out the season so we've got 2 boats running, I think I could be working every night if I had the time (or the energy - I am feeling a bit run down by the work situation, I have no plans on Sunday & am looking forward to an utterly lazy day). There's a funny aspect to running two boats that appear to be twins from a distance in the same harbor - you hear people hailing the Adirondack on the VHF and you have to make sure you know which Adirondack they are talking to - Captain Sarah figured this out after getting into a situation one day when one of the dinner-boat skippers hailed the Adirondack, and she answered, and he started asking her something that was completely & utterly irrelevant to anything that she could see going on in our immediate vicinity (VHF's are used a lot between the captains on the commercial boats to agree on who's going to pass on which side, so I think he was making a friendly "OK if I pass you on one whistle?" when we weren't even near anyone else) momentary confusion ensued until she realized that he was actually trying to talk to the II, not her. Should get better as people realize there are 2 of us out there!

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