Thursday, September 01, 2005

Checking out for a while - plus, what I said yesterday, again.

Actually I may not be posting much over next week & half or so - going on hard-earned vacation. First have to earn it some more, though. Expecting late night tonight & probably tomorrow - basically all the month-end close stuff I'd ordinarily have to do next week, and that I was planning to do on Tuesday, I now have to have as done as much as possible before I leave tomorrow. Then working on the schooner on Saturday and Sunday - really would have preferred to have 2 full days off - sort of like a pre-vacation unwind, but the schooner was shorthanded. Oh well. It's just a half-day Saturday.

There are some people I know from working on the schooner - they run a couple of the other charter boats at Chelsea Piers, they're really nice, their families are really nice, and their home base is in Biloxi. Yesterday I asked a couple of the captains from my boat to let me know if they heard any word on how they did - saw those horrible pictures coming out of Biloxi & was really worried about how their families were but didn't want to bother them since I figured probably everybody in the world was asking them how their families were - well, I finally heard that one of them lost a house, but their families were all OK.

It's so strange to actually be relieved & happy to hear that they only lost a house - but I am. It's sad that he lost his house but at least they didn't lose anything less replaceable.

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