Thursday, September 29, 2005

Limitless joy plus an easing of the blues.

This is one of my favorite pictures that I ever took on the schooner - on the prints that I got (this was a disposable camera that we sell on the schooner where the price includes development - you get a set online plus a set of prints) the colors are even more saturated. But this gives you the general idea.

Anyhow, that's my Adirondack crewmate Meghan hanging on the foresheet there, she's an actress as well as a sailor (and she's considering going for her captain's license!), she's got absolutely the best smile you'd ever like to see, and she's in the show that I went to see last night - here's the thumbnail review I sent to Captain Peter this morning:

I was quite puzzled but generally entertained & interested by "Limitless Joy". I thought the cavemen (even the one from Queens) could have watched for fish for about half the time but other than that, quite diverting.

Trying to figure out a good joke that I can make about there being lots of tomatoes besides Meghan in the show (also some very attractive men of various ages who spend a fair amount of time with no shirts on, uh, not that I notice that sort of stuff...)

I'm a little happier today - I just find this extra stuff I do to be quite frustrating - but one of the more mysterious problems that landed on my desk yesterday turned out not to be half as mysterious as I thought. Had to thank myself for keeping even as rudimentary a log as I do of this one particularly type of item I'm taking care of until that happy day when we finally say hello to a new business manager. Wish I had time to do that for everything.

Oh yeah, I also got a reprieve on the end-of-schooner season - they want me for 2 more half Saturdays. I LOVE working half days. Full days are fun & satisfying but long - especially when I'm tired from the day-job stress - half-days are just perfect, though. I'll make sure I enjoy them, too. It was incredibly depressing yesterday thinking that it was the end of my "professional" boating season (fortunately my amateur-hour boating season never ends!) & looking back & realizing just how badly that day-job stress clouded the joy I get from working on the water this year.

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