Monday, September 12, 2005

Back from Texas (pictures added)!

Back from vacation - expect work is going to be a nightmare this week so...uh, well, maybe I'll just post some of my pictures over the week. Update - I did start on this while working on something else tonight - the pictures are over here - right now it's mostly from a hike in the Friedrich Wilderness Area in the San Antonio area (well-preserved Texas Hill Country area). San Antonio proper tends to be heavy on the shopping - lots of cute little stores & stuff, but I get shopped out pretty quickly anymore, and I'd spotted this wilderness area in the guidebook we'd borrowed from my aunt & uncle & it wasn't too tough to talk my dad into going for a hike - San Antonio has some beautiful gardens but I was really interested in getting out & seeing what this area was like left to it's own devices. Plus, egads, we ate a lot of very good food - so it just felt good to get out & move. Climb some ridges and stuff, y'know? The last few are in the Zilcker Botanical Gardens in Austin, where I discovered that if you take a couple dozen butterfly pictures, at least a few will come out nicely!

Good vacation, long overdue, nice to catch up with the family (and play with horses and dogs and cats and watch birds and catfish and butterflies and most especially pictures of all of the above except the bats but the bats were really and truly amazing!).

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