Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Butterfly, Zilcker Botanical Gardens, Austin

here's one of the butterflies that came out well.

Actually I'm mostly posting to see if posting a new post will fix the scrolling issues. I thought it was the Blogarama button, I took that off yesterday & it seemed to fix the scrolling, but then I edited yesterday's post to add the gallery link & it locked up again. Moderately annoying, but then again the Blogger price is right (free). So let's see what happens...

nope. no scrolling, just ends in the middle of my post with the BeachAV8R's story of flying a medivac jet into New Orleans. oh well. No more time to investigate now. any other based bloggers run across this problem?

huh...well, when I republished with the question about anybody else seeing this problem, it quit having the problem. Very random. Oh well.

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