Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In which Bonnie explains herself to a left-winger

OK, so I am not trying to turn into a political blogger - mostly I'd rather just go paddling & let the world take care of itself - but if you happened to find my retort to a right-winger at all interesting, I actually did what pretty much amounts to a Part II to the original Bring It On. I left a rather extensive comment in which I explained to a couple of people who are quite a bit farther left than me why, although I trust this administration less and less (how can I when I keep hearing stuff like this on the morning news on what seems like a depressingly regular basis?) I just can't buy into some of the more extreme theories out there.

Think I used up my allotted blogging time for the week on that comment. I think this blog may become a photo blog until Tuesday, when I will be putting up a "Gone Sailing" sign on the door here at Frogma and heading down for a week with friends in the British Virgin Islands - Monday was absolutely beautiful and I came back with a camera full of pretty pictures from the schooner delivery trip, which was great. Got a ton of work to do if I want to leave the office for a week (during which I will be utterly incommunicado) with a clear desk and a clear conscience...might just be lazy and post a few of my favorite shots from that trip & the day before (when I took some friends out for the last public sail of the season - that's when I took that Statue of Liberty shot). Boy, do I love doing that delivery trip. Always makes me think of passages from Mark Twain's "Life on the Mississippi", the ones where he describes how a steamboat pilot has to know the entire river, both ways, to where he could bring a boat through with as easily as he could negotiate a hallway in his house in the dark (amazing stuff especially in those pre-Aid-To-Navigation days...). Talk about some great river writing. 'Course negotiating the Hudson in 2005 isn't much like that - the route is well marked with lighted buoys, just for starters - but I do like the fact that every time I do the run, I get a little more familiar with the route. Nowhere close to by heart though - that would take a little more than once or twice a year (now the tugboat pilots, they must know it in their sleep). Actually I'm thinking that the gallery I plan to post - the ultimate Frogma virtual tour, from leaving Chelsea Piers in the 4:15 a.m. darkness right up to sunset at the Saugerties-Hudson lighthouse (my batteries ran out right then) - may actually be a fun way to fix the order of the various sections of the route in my head, I'll be using my handy-dandy Hudson River Watertrail Guide to confirm my recollections as to locations where I took the various pictures. Should be fun, keep me out of trouble for a while if nothing else.

At any rate, it was wonderful & I'll at least share pix with short desciptions over the next week. For now, back to work, tons to do.

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