Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Yacht Shots BVI"

Anywhere in the world that there are people doing photogenic-kine adventure sports on a predictable basis, I think there's almost bound to be somebody who's carved themselves out a nice little niche taking and selling pictures of those people who are so engaged - turns out the BVI's are no exception! Here are some very nice pictures of the six of us sailing the Carina back to Road Harbor on our final day - I took a lot of nice pictures myself, which will start turning up over on my Buzznet account although there's a DSL setup package floating around out there in UPS attempted-delivery-land that I'd like to have in my soggy little paws & hooked up before I do so - but for sort of obvious reasons, the one shot I was unable to get was a picture of us under full sail! The photographers of Yacht Shots BVI were happy to rectify that matter for us. Actually it was an entertaining moment during that otherwise quiet & wistful last sail before we handed the Carina back over to Footloose Charter - we suddenly noticed this dinghy that seemed absolutely determined to get in the way, until we realized that the guy in the dinghy had perfect balance and a big ol' telephoto lens (and a really cute dog who seemed quite happy with the whole thing). The guy really had this thing down to a science - he was out in front of Road Harbor where all the charter yachts start & finish; he'd park himself outside of your course, take shots as you went past, then zip out in front of you and do the other side. His dinghy, of course, was clearly marked - sparing him the bother of trying to deliver a business card to a fast-moving sailboat. Worked great, I found us! He got a whole bunch of nice shots - I'll probably end up getting a print or two - I don't have to get my DSL for you to see them!

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