Saturday, November 26, 2005

Out for a ride on the Rosemary Ruth!

Way back in June, I did my first "Frogma Virtual Tour", more or less on a whim inspired by having a single-use waterproof camera lying around from some trip or another...

That was a while back so I don't quite expect anybody to remember this from it (and this is a better picture I took from the Adirondack II on our last public sail of the season - everybody on board was admiring the Rosemary Ruth!)

I got a chance to take a few closer shots today!

Very nice group, sweet boat (Richard, the owner, said "sweet" was an OK adjective - he was even ok with "cute", he's a very nice guy, makes a very good gluhwein and has a lot of awfully good sea stories) - I always enjoy meeting new Hudson River people, and I hope I get to sail with all of them again at some time or another!

Me (pretending to steer), Brian (who's actually steering, just gave me the wheel for the picture), and Maggie. Brian crews on the schooner Pioneer, and Maggie is the educator for the Pioneer (that's just got to be one of the coolest jobs ever). Robert is taking the picture (Thank you, Robert!)

This is Richard, the rescuer/owner of the Rosemary Ruth -

That's Maggie up by the bow, Richard peeking out from behind the mast, Brian in the red jacket & Robert is by the shroud. Why is everyone smiling? Well, first of all we're sailing but the additional reason at this moment is that that Thermos Richard is brandishing is full of gluhwein, and Brian's brought out some of his mom's homemade biscotti (in the ziploc bag) - life, as they say, is good!

Yes, life is indeed good.

I feel like I should write some more but I am pretty sleepy & I'm doing my might-almost-be-annual-now Paddle Off the Turkey Paddle - no big deal, just 3 hours or so of moving kayaks with energy in whichever direction the current dictates - this year it's a southbound, might be going to the Statue of Liberty again. Yep, twice in one weekend, s'alright.

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