Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunrise to Sunset - A Day on the Hudson

Tappan Zee Bridge, Sunrise, 10/31/05

I made an effort this morning to finish off my gallery from the delivery trip - and I did it - and here it is - Pier 62, NYC to the Hudson-Athens Light!

Technically that's actually pre-dawn to sunset. What a good weekend that was.

Now the reason I wanted to polish off that gallery was because la la la, I am less than 48 hours from Vacation, all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away...

ok maybe I should leave the song quotes to Derrick...

anyways, I'm off Tuesday morning for a week of sailing in the British Virgin Islands. WOOO HOOO! Gonna be a blast - I'm very excited, I haven't been to a really different part of the world since this wonderful trip that I was invited to take in Georgian Bay a few years back, and I'm looking forward to some warm breezes and clear blue water (not that I don't love the Hudson in all her olive-green splendor - I hope my galleries prove that!), and it's a good crew I'm going with (all women, a promising combination of crewmates from the schooner and bartenders who work with the schooner crewmate who's organized this shinding, so watch out!). Oh yes, there will be pictures! Anyways, I am basically shutting down shop here while I'm gone - don't you forget about me, hey, hey, hey, hey, don't yoooou, forget about me!

ok I should definitely leave the song quotes to Derrick...

btw just to keep up my reputation as a total Nervous Nellie and general pain in the kiester, while I'm down there playing in the warm water, may I mention that the water up here is now officially cold. I think most of the people who actually read this thing and are paddlers are pretty experienced paddlers - but if you happen to be a relatively new paddler in latitudes where the water temp is getting down to "brrr!", and nobody's read you the riot act on cold-water paddling yet, I highly recommend going & reading that "cold-water paddling" site I have on my links.

There, now that I've preserved my reputation as a safety prig, I will close by humiliating my poor mom was curious about how my seat repair was working, and I was explaining that it was working fine, but it was really ugly...well, they do say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you have it, one ugly, yet effective, seat repair using spray-in foam such as can be purchased at any hardware store:

Fortunately, as far as I know, my kayak does not read my blog. Now if it inexpicably dumps me when I get back, I'll be a little suspicious.

So off to finish up the stuff I need to finish before the schoonergals wing our way south! Back in a week and a coupla days!

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