Tuesday, August 01, 2006

OK, I'm curious...

Hm. Just spent lunch hour surfing a couple of blogs I haven't looked at recently. Sez over here that the Department of Justice actually stops by blogs that use the Technorati tag "FOIA" - Freedom of Information Act.

I'm curious enough to give it a try. I'm hardly a blogger anybody could be too concerned about - not happy with the way things are, as I mentioned the other day, but more likely to respond by going paddling to try to forget about it than anything else - so let's see what happens when a mild-mannered paddler/sailor/finance analyst, one with liberal leanings but primarily focused on earning a living & messing about in boats, says:

p.s. if anyone is actually here looking for useful information on the Freedom of Information Act, I'm afraid I have none, sorry, I'm just checking this out for myself!

p.p.s. My neighborhood has recently gotten a couple of very large, very obvious NYPD closed-circuit cameras. I guess I should feel nice and safe now. However, I do not particularly like them.

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