Thursday, November 30, 2006


Tomorrow's December?

How'd that happen?

Oh right, the earth turns on it's axis, orbits around the sun, and there ya go.

Well, came down with that terribly Romany flu today, sniff sniff, cough cough, oh dear, can't go to work today...

no, actually, TQ & I had planned this for a while, and it was a legitimately arranged vacation day, but oh my, it was just such a beautiful day that paddling, instead of going to work, felt gloriously like playing hooky.

See, TQ works weekends, and gets Wednesdays & Thursdays off. A few weeks ago, the Working Harbor Committee sent out an invitation to a benefit concert by blues pianist David Maxwell. Well, as I mentioned the other day, blues are good in our books, and the cause was one I liked (programs to teach kids about the harbor, how can you not like that?), so I asked TQ if he'd like to be my guest, and the concert was great, and then today we went out for one of my favorite destinationless paddles-for-the-sake-of-paddling. Between that, and the marvelous paddle on Sunday, and the hike-off-the-turkey that replaced my usual ritual of day after Thanksgiving paddle-off-the-turkey-paddles, and that concert - all with my favorite paddling companion - this has just been the best 7 days. The key has been absolutely glorious weather. 50's, maybe even 60's...hardly seems like the last week before December.

I've just been in heaven.

Here are some pictures of heaven, er, I mean Sleeping Giant State Park in Connecticut, day after Thanksgiving. We hiked the Gorge Cascade trail, top to bottom - every corner we turned, it just got more beautiful.

From the top of this tower, you could see Long Island Sound, and Long Island beyond.

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