Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tired of stupid stuff. Gardening's nice.

I've had enough politics (of all levels) for a few days. Had a lovely day digging in REAL dirt instead of the metaphorical kind. Couldn't have picked a nicer way to knock out part of my (very reasonable) work obligation at my new club. Tomorrow, I'm getting out on J-bay for my first time as a member.

Oh, and one side benefit of staying on land today - a batch of the sailing folks turned up to do some end-of-season maintenance. The little sailboats I suddenly noticed when I joined are Sunfish, Lasers and one Zuma, and they have a teaching day in June (which is fine, I expect I'll do some swimming & the water's a touch on the chilly side for that right now), and I've been told how to get on their email list, and I'm going to do that. Oh boy, a new way to make a complete idiot of myself...

actually I'm kind of psyched.

Here's the garden I got to help out on today. Dug beds, hauled stones for borders, raked, planted, watered, mulched...all right here in New York City.

Good stuff.

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