Thursday, November 02, 2006

con quel furore...

Wow. NYCKayaker woke up this week after somebody posted a link to that article I'd posted a link to.

The crazy thing about all of this is here's this organization, the Hudson River Park Trust, that's supposed to be building a park to bring people to the Hudson.

A lot of us came to the Hudson to go paddling.

Between the barge situation & now the lost boathouse, the projected number of human-powered boats that will eventually be stored in a completed Hudson River Park has been cut by somewhere around 200. Remember, that's in a city where most of us don't have cars & don't have basements. Take away the storage & you've just made it a whole lot harder to be an NYC paddler.

Amazing. Depressing.


Kicked off quite the debate on the NYCKayaker list. All the words that would usually go here went out over there instead. Anybody wants to see a sample of the kind of hoo hah that gets going when you get a bunch of intense NYC & environ-type people who really really really love a sport, have been able to do it for a long time, and suddenly find that some basic requirement for that sport is being rapidly whittled down because of beureaucratic stupid stuff, check out the November archives.

Also check out the River Project. That was the other pretty cool grassroots organization that was running something really neat, created from nothing, at Pier 26. It sounds like they are just being shut out of the process entirely & that just doesn't seem fair when they ran a version of an estuarium there at the pier for so long.

Now of course the Beacon Institute looks like they would run a good program - but - but - but...

I dunno, I guess I'm down with a bad bad bad case of community-garden-itis.

I'll explain what that is one of these days. But I bet anyone who lives in NYC has got at least an inkling of what that disease might be.

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