Friday, November 17, 2006

"TQ", me, and the blues.

This is not and never will be a relationship blog, there's just stuff I prefer to keep private. But I wrote an email to a friend today & realized that just sort of liked this snippet. Kinda says how it is without getting all whatever.

We like the blues.

We got stuck in the worst traffic jam ever coming home from Pennsylvania (they shut down a section of the interstate & the detour was pretty much along a rural route) and it was actually not so bad because I put in a "Chicago blues" cd he had & it turned out that all but one of the songs was men singing about womens what done them wrong. The one exception was about a woman wearing a very skimpy dress to a party.

We were cracking ourselves up over this for something like an hour, which was a good thing 'cause we only went about 20 miles in that hour when we'd been expecting to go, oh, 70 or so. Better to spend the hour laughing over good music than stressing.

Our road trip mantra is becoming "It's not an adventure 'til something goes wrong".

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