Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And Now, A Pier 63 update from Marcus.

This is the paddler formerly known on this blog by his Nom de Blog, "Sticks" (a reference to his former life as a drum shop owner & maker of drums - I believe Mr. SeaLevel came up with that, I am terrible at those catchy nicknames). I think I can now start calling him by his real name, Marcus Demuth.

Marcus is the MOST adventurous of the group I refer to collectively as "The Adventure Squad". He just started paddling in October 2003, and took to it...like...oh, take a wild guess.

Marcus is already somewhat famous among certain circles in our area for his expeditionary exploits, and I wouldn't be surprised if down the road he gets to be one of those people everybody talks about. In addition to being an awesome paddler, he's also a fantastic photographer, a very good writer, and an incredibly warm & open-hearted person. And funny, too!

Anyways - I'm de-anonymizing him today because recently, I found out that he's got a website, www.marcusdemuth.com (yes, there's a link in minute). Linking to that was definitely in the posting plans for the near future. That just became today because last week, he'd told us all about a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Pier 66A (site of the new boathouse that the DEC had wrongly supposed was going to absorb all the boats on the barge), which was going to feature an assortment of officials, and that he was planning to attend. He did, and got a chance to actually talk to Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg, and NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benape. The exchange was brief, but the tone of his writeup was optimistic. Here's a link to that writeup - and once you've read that, wander around the rest of the site - I really think you'll enjoy it!

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