Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jamaica Bay Workshop - tonight at Kingsborough College

Using and enjoying Jamaica Bay - wisely, respecfully, and with great appreciation, of course...

Tonight, I'm going to be attending a workshop that I hope will be a good way to learn a lot more about my new club's home, Jamaica Bay. It's the Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan Strategy Development Workshop, it's in Building U, Room 220 at Kinsborough Community College, in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (btw, it's cone-shaped building you can see in the background of one of my pictures from last Sunday's paddle). Actually I owe a certain Professor from the Sebago G-list big time - I had it stuck in my brain that the workshop was tomorrow - that woulda been a major bummer, fortunately I asked if anyone else was going tomorrow & she said, Well, I was planning to, but I can't, but it's tonight!

Phew. Sorry I did not get it up sooner, though. This sounds pretty interesting.

Anyways. Keeping this quick, if you want more info there is an absolutely lovely PUBLIC NOTICE with ALL the info! It's at the top of the list on their DEP News page - today, 12/7, it's the first document in the Public Notice section - tomorrow, I expect the first document will describe the next public meeting, it looks like they keep it quite up-to-date.

BTW - that's exactly the sort of clear public notice section I was hoping to find on the Hudson River Park Trust website, and didn't. I found that notice in 30 seconds with a Google search; I could just as easily have gone to the DEP website, looked around for a second & found the Public Notices section in the News page.

So I'll repeat - if you'd like to see Hudson River Park meetings be that easy to find out about, email Noreen Doyle at the Trust at - if you want to be heard, sometimes it's as easy as just speaking up.

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