Friday, December 08, 2006

Answers to questions I've posed...

OK, there were 2 semi-rhetorical questions I've raised on this blog recently that I actually have ANSWERS to!

Question 1 (ok, it was in statement form):
Can't keep going around talking about those cute little black-and-white ducks, like to be able to figure out if they are Buffleheads or Common Goldeneyes.

Answer - Looking over a Baykeeper flyer showing common wildlife of Jamaica Bay, I'm going to put my money on Buffleheads!

Picked that flyer and a lot of other literature up at the workshop last night. It rocked, btw. I learned so much, my head was spinning by the time I walked out. I will DEFINITELY be writing about it - if I ever figure out where to even start!

Question 2:

If sailors get sea legs when they've sailed for a long time, what does a paddler get after paddling for a long time?

Well, Michael the CKayaker gave a very good answer in the comments that day, but I have to admit that TQ and I were operating on kid-outta-school level that day. I thought about it for a second then gave him a made-up Hawaiian answer:

"Okole o ke kai!"

I did give him an English translation a moment later. A rather vulgar one, 2 very short little words. Succeeded in cracking both of us up in a thoroughly satisfactory way. Thing is, it totally made sense to us - see, it goes like this:

if sea legs are legs that have adapted so thoroughly to being on a moving deck that they adjust to every shift without the sailor having to think about it, well, then, doesn't it seem like every good salt-water kayaker would want to achieve...

(momentarily regretting ever telling extremely non-vulgarity-using parents about blog...)

a "sea ass"?

OK, on that note, have a happy weekend! I've called for a photography paddle tomorrow in Jamaica Bay, and much to my amazement, there are others who are willing to come paddle with me even though I have warned them that when I get into picture-taking mode, I move like a turtle with attention deficit disorder (oooh! a rock! ooh! bubbles! ooh! buffleheads!). Tomorrow may be a little gusty, so it conditions decree no pictures, that'll be ok, but if I'm lucky, maybe I'll get some nice shots.

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