Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Larry's back...

So my friend Larry is blogging again - actually his email saying so finally prompted me to fix some blogroll problems I'd been meaning to attend to (still need to fix FH20 though! soon! sorry Francis!)

Larry got mentioned on Curbed because he noticed some funny commentary on some pretty smug advertising -

here was the first post -
here was part 2,

and here was curbed.

I guess the moral of the story is if you don't want answers, don't ask questions.

Larry had emailed me about those links this morning & also with a link to BlogChelsea - Michael, who writes Blog Chelsea, and Larry had both attended a meeting last night, and the Pier 63 area came up - Bob Trentlyon (who I think I've mentioned once or twice as one of the key players in the whole Chelsea park scene - try a "search this blog" for "Trentlyon") was there, and gave a description of what's to be expected at Piers 62, 63 & 64. Larry added that there's going to be a waterwheel that changes directions with the tide, too.

No mention of anything north of Pier 64, which of course meant the boathouse/barge problems didn't come up - still, it is interesting to hear what's planned for my old launch site. Sounds nice, I guess.

Glad there's a skatepark in the mix - I was sometimes known to wax slightly crochety about the music, which was sometimes awfully loud, but I always got a kick out of watching the kids doing acrobatics at Pier 62.

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