Sunday, December 03, 2006

Plumb Beach to Breezy Point

Riverdance? Nope, baydance.

Off to Breezy Point. More like Not-So-Breezy Point today. The sandbar that had 3-4 foot waves last week had fun little riffles to play in today.


Landing for lunch

Romany Romany Romany!

Coney Island, with Parachute Jump & Verrazano Narrows Bridge. I would like to go around that corner & go exploring up the Brooklyn waterfront sometime - would have to be with the tides of course, but timed right, I think it'd be fun. Wouldn't even have to cross a shipping channel to get there!

End of yet another perfect day.

So much to learn in this new venue. I had a funny little light bulb go on in my head yesterday - I need to start carrying visual distress signals again, because the waters I'm paddling now are oh so definitely wider than a mile. Dredged out some old flares just to have to show the Coast Guard (they do occasionally stop paddlers to see if they've got the required gear), but there's not a chance in heck that they'd still work if I god-forbid actually needed them, I have got to get some new ones. Any of you open-sea paddlers have a favorite type of VDS these days?

Plus oh my gosh I need a good bird book - can't keep going around talking about those cute little black-and-white ducks, like to be able to figure out if they are Buffleheads or Common Goldeneyes (they are cute though). Oh, and I never would have expected to see the birds I saw today. Saw and heard - if I hadn't heard that laughing call, I would have just thought "Cormorants", but I don't think there's any bird that makes the sound I heard but a loon. I didn't even know loons went to sea! I have a Field Guide to American Wildlife , by Henry Hill Collins, Jr. (circa 1960, my folks were sending it off to their church's bazaar, but I grabbed it instead) - it's a nice book to have, but in order to fit all those animals into a hardcover book that actually takes up less space than a paperback edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Henry was somewhat constrained about the amount of detail he could provide - each bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, food & game fish, seashell, and principal marine invertebrates gets a picture and a paragraph. Time to get something that's a little more specific to the area!

Think the third item on the shopping list may be a small pair of field glasses. I would have liked to see the loons better, but I didn't want to make them fly.

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