Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Around LI In 5 Years If It Kills Us, Leg 1, Day 3 gallery DONE!

Racing for the beach!

Bit of a rush job as it's monthly close at work & I've been working some long days, but I posted pictures from Day 3 on Monday night, captioned & located most of them last night, and used my lunch hour today to finish off the few remaining captions.

I did actually just combine days 2 & 3 as I took half as many pictures those days - there was just a lot more variation in scenery on the first day, out of J-bay, around Breezy Point, along the Atlantic, in through the East Rockaway Inlet and finishing at Paddy's - dramatic changes in environment from urban to open just made for fun picturetaking. And then of course there was that unbelievably gorgeous sunrise...

Anyways, lunchtime's over, time to stop reminiscing - but what a wonderful 3 days. Thanks again, everyone who made it happen.

This should take you to the morning of Day 3.

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