Thursday, October 25, 2007

Portmanteau & pretty berries

I just made up a nifty portmanteau:

Flither: To dither in a flustered manner.

Usage: Yes, the coding issue is all taken care of. Sorry about the flithering!

Pretty berries:

There were lots of these in the Ninigret Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, which, like Brooklyn's own Floyd Bennett Field, is a former air station being encouraged to revert to a more natural status. TQ and I went for a walk there one rainy day - we'd noticed these very pretty golden-yellow berries everywhere, then he noticed some red ones on the same bushes, then he actually spotted how the change was happening - the golden-yellow is actually a husk that splits open.

We liked these. I actually have some pictures at home that show the color a little better but I liked how this flash one came out. Besides, my home computer's been having issues with uploads right now & of the fifty or sixty I tried to put online last night, this was one of about 5 that made it.

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