Friday, October 12, 2007

Time Flies.

I would like to offer up the following as a truism of boatblogging. What think ye swabbies and skippers? Arrr!

The amount of stuff you are feeling inspired to write about is in inverse proportion to the amount of time you actually have available for writing about it.

Topics currently on deck that I'd really like to attend to:
- Buying stuff
- Group behavior on the water
- Paying to learn stuff
- Safety issues in the Hudson River Park
- Plus I took some nice pictures the day TQ & I went hiking at Floyd Bennett Field
- The rest of the Jibe, Sally, Jibe song (Jibe, Sally, Jibe is all I have right now, plus a link to a video that will teach me as much as one can learn about jibing a windsurfer without going within a mile of an actual windsurfer, plus some pathetically obvious rhymes like Peconic/Sebonac/Tonic)

Topic in the bullpen, could be amusing to get back to but don't hold your breath:
- A few more verses of the Ballad of the Schooner Ann - maybe in honor of Day 200, 1/5th of the way there, that's not far away!

Topics lost in the mists of the past but not forgotten:
Hanauma Bay/Reef Rules Trilogy Part 3
Paddling organizations in the Hudson River Park
A paean - or would that be a mele - in honor of Hui Wa'a Kaukahi - me and TQ are proud to be card-carrying members!

Time available for writing any of this in:

Next 3 days:
None. Picked up a PT Cruiser this morning. YAY!

Next week & a half:
Not much.

Time flies. Want to watch in a minute?

Here's a really cool clock.

Break over, back to work.

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